Time in Tempe

I’ve spent the past month living in Tempe, Arizona with a bunch of Ladies from Bend, Oregon. We all refer to ourselves as birds. If it seems like an odd life, it has been. This month has been like nothing I’ve ever experienced.

It has been an entire month where my only purpose is to make myself a better runner. I don’t have a job out here, household chores are at a minimum (it’s not my house), and I’m surrounded by people who are all focused on doing the same thing as me.

I’ve been doing a lot of running, sleeping, and eating this month. When I’m not doing one of those three things, I’m usually talking about one of them with someone in the Little Wing group! In addition to that, I’ve been enjoying the wonderful January weather in Phoenix, AZ!

My time in Tempe has been more than just a month of great weather and trails! It has been awesome to share my time here with Little Wing! I have truly enjoyed getting to know each of my Oiselle teammates a little better. I’ve been able to gain insight on training, racing, and the general mindset of being an elite athlete from all of the women here. Everyone has had different experiences along the course of their own athletic careers and it’s so refreshing to hear each new story. Plus, their all just super fun and inspirational people!

I’m headed home tomorrow for a race this Saturday at Penn State! I’m excited to go home and see my husband, cat, coach, and all my friends! I’m racing the 3k this weekend! It’s my first race on the track since June so it will be fun to get my legs moving! I can’t wait! Yayayayay!


he past few weeks have been a little crazy with the holidays and travel. I went on a family vacation with my parents and Ryan. For two weeks we traveled all around Arizona and some of California and Nevada.

On Saturday, my family left me to go home to the cold and snow of Pennsylvania. Luckily, I am able to stay in Tempe, Arizona and train with the Oiselle Little Wing group until the end of January!

So far, my trip has been great for running. Ryan and I ran on a different trail every day! Every town that we went to, we were able to find awesome places to run!

Something that was missing from my trip was a bit of consistency and routine. I’ve spent two nights in the place that I will call home for the next month and I am already feeling comfortable and well rested!

It’s going to be a good month!

Running for Diamonds

Every family has different Thanksgiving traditions. For the past two years, my family has made the Berwick Run For The Diamonds part of ours. My grandparents live in Berwick so it makes running this historic Thanksgiving day race pretty convenient. 

The fact that my family is local also gives the race a little more meaning for me. Berwick is a small town with a small town feel. The people who live there know what the race means and are aware of the elite runners and Olympic talent that it has brought in over it’s 104 year history. It is hard for many people to understand a lot of what a professional runner does or the significance of the races that he or she may run. But my family and the community that they live in understand the Run For The Diamonds. Of course my family loves me and will be proud of me no matter what, but it is nice to do something that they can truly understand and relate to.

With all that being said, I didn’t just do it for my family. I did get a pretty awesome diamond necklace for the win! I’m really happy with my race! After putting in some quality miles and workouts this fall, I was excited to see how my fitness compared to last year’s. I have done all of my workouts on my own this fall and I didn’t have anything to compare myself to. I ran a minute and forty-five seconds faster than last year in this race so I can finally feel confident that I’m making progress!
p.s. Ryan ran the race too! He was fifth and got a diamond ring! (My diamond is bigger)