No longer a student… Not yet a working man.

EDIT: I meant to write “volunteer assistant coach”. You should always proof-read, even blogs.

The last two weeks I have been busier than a one-legged man in an arse kicking contest (Thanks Coach Groves). To start with my family have been over here visiting which is always a fantastic time filled with bonding and being a tourist. I was hoping to go to Disney World but instead we went to the Finger Lakes. Besides drinking wine and looking at waterfalls their visit did serve the purpose of watching me pull on a wizard gown and the original flat brim hat (not quite as popular in the ghetto as the other type) and shimmy across the stage to graduate.

It was awesome to finally wander across stage, shake the Big Prez Spaniers hand, and bask in the adulation of four years of hard work manifested. I actually sat next to fellow Tasmanian and fellow old-boy of The Hutchins School, Eddie Bouchier. Pretty strange to graduate 10,000 miles from home but right next to a guy who you used to have food fights with in 9th grade. The only downside to the day was I couldn’t keep my hat on straight so all the official pictures have me sporting a jaunty tilt to the hat. Whatever though, no one can make that stuff look fashionable.

Also in this time I moved house. I left forever my prison cell on frat row, practically fled in fact from the mouldy basement, and moved in to an apartment in Toftrees with my girlfriend Kara. We spent literally days decorating and rearranging furniture. I know now how an animal in captivity feels when they get released back to the wild. So much space (and curtains to choose from).

For my running, it is brilliant being out here. The entrance to the Gamelands trails is literally across the parking lot. Miles of cinder trails on rolling terrain, as well as tracks leading back to campus are the best to run on. I’ve been out there bumping up my mileage and exploring (ie. getting lost) and I’m starting to feel fit.

It’s been a solid uninterrupted few weeks. No real injuries except my feet are dry and cracked so deep they bleed, no illness, and some good solid running.

It’s been great also to have the PSU team back and running. Someone emailed me a while back asking my thoughts on the incoming freshmen and I didn’t have a lot to say as I didn’t really know them. It might be a bit early to say it but I think it’s going to be a very, very good class. Watch out world!

In other news I am starting work on September 1st as well as taking on a role with the PSU program as an assistant coach. It can’t come soon enough as right now I am doing nothing and I can’t wait to be a part of the corporate world. I even bought a new suit…

Oh, also, there was an earthquake. I thought it was my air conditioner going out of control.

You stay classy…. World.

One thought on “No longer a student… Not yet a working man.

  1. Congrats on many levels, Ryan. I have put another link on the Alumni blog to your post. I hope to get to chat with you at a XC meet or maybe indoors… Hope the devil puns, although quite lame, don’t irritate you too much. I like to add a little mirth to the world when I can. The devils can use a little attention too, considering their dwindling status. Keep up the miles, somebody has to…

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