Labour Days

The last week, as usual, has been awesome and busy! I started working at the Kevin Dare Foundation here in State College. The foundation was set up in memory of Penn State student-athlete Kevin Dare who died tragically in a pole vault accident at the 2002. The Foundation was set up by Kevin’s dad Ed Dare with the mission to try and make vaulting safer.

I think it’s a great cause and it’s been awesome to be around the office and helping out. Building experience is very important for me as I know after running there is a real work-world waiting for me. Plus; a day at the office is much more satisfying to me than a day spent on the couch.

Training wise I’ve been ticking off the miles for over a month now. I had a run in the Penn State VS Lock Haven dual meet on Friday, with the goal of doing it as a strong tempo. I was really pleased as I ran 10 seconds FASTER than when I raced it last year. I felt fantastic and ran holding back considerably on the last mile. I am very, very, happy with where my training is at.

Saturday was the first football weekend of the year. I ran right prior to kick off and it was a very typical “Penn State” run. 60 minutes on the cinder trails around Gamelands and Deerpens, with the roar of Beaver Stadium in the distance and the smell of cow manure in the air. I topped this off with an afternoon of football and I can honestly say there was no place I’d rather be.

Outside of me, me, me, I’ll encourage you to check out Tyler McCandless‘ blog. Tyler is a fellow PSU track alum doing his best to make it as a post-collegiate. He had an awesome win in Hawaii this weekend.

It was also World Champs time and I had a number of thoughts on how things went…

1) If anyone is looking for a great exampled of how to structure a season, check out what Sally Pearson did. While others were toiling away in Europe, Sally was racing in low-key meets in Australia. Once she arrived on the world stage she just got better and better every race, and then when it mattered most, hit the nail on the head.

2) NCAA athletes are now some of the best in the world. I know some people (especially in Australia, hold on to this outdated idea that the NCAA will burn you out…) Check out the results though and you’ll see a large amount of current and former NCAA athletes in the medals. It’s a perfect system to train, develop, and then conquer from. It’s also a great place for distance and middle distance runners to learn championship race tactics. Check out Matt Centrowitz’s races for a perfect example.

3) No major drug busts are great for the sport. Fingers crossed there are no big names pinged post event, ala Rashid Ramzi.

4) Usain Bolt got beat out for best celebration. Ezekiel Kemboi is simply awesome. I’m not sure if I could ever get away with this, but I think it’s good for the sport to have the athletes show some character. I’ll be leaving the hip-thrusting to others, but perhaps in the future I might actually celebrate a win…

If you haven’t been following PSU sport closely, check out the cross country teams. I’m a little biased but both teams are looking pretty studly (and running well too). The first home meet is the 17th of September and I know I’ll be there, maybe racing, maybe not.

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