Back in Tas

It’s taken me a couple of day’s to get around to writing this blog. If you’ve ever done long-haul international flights, you’ll know that they are comprehensively exhausting. Physically and mentally, the six flights, 11,000 miles, and 35 hours of travel, tuckered me out. The flipside of that kind of travel though is that thanks to my Delta Gold Status bonuses, I earned 41,000 frequent fliers. That’s enough to earn a return flight to Alaska! Looks like I’ll be going whale watching later this year.

Besides the ardours of travel, it was a pretty awesome trip. I was forced to visit Sydney very briefly on my way to Tasmania, which was the only downside. I’m really not a big fan of Sydney at the best of times, but combined with an upcoming visit to the US embassy, jet lag, and getting sick on the plane, I was in a pretty foul mood. I took the time to run along Sydney’s waterfront, and was rewarded with getting to watch a squad of pilots from the Australian Military perform maneuvers over Sydney Harbour. I have a daydream of one day being a pilot, so needless to say this left me all hot and bothered.

After successfully negotiating my way to a new visa (the trick is to have the reams paperwork filled out perfectly and not trying any bad jokes). I made my way to old Hobart town, via a stopover in Melbourne. During the stopover, I went for a run with my Uncle out at AFL Park. We ran an hour around the one-time home of the AFL Grand Final in the pouring rain. The highlight was the run ending.

The main purpose of my visit, aside from renewing my visa, was my brother Adam was getting married. As an arts and crafts expert, I was put in charge of fancying up the wedding program. I think most people agreed on the day that they were probably the most attractive thing at the wedding, although a few might argue it was Adam’s bride Kate.

The photo below is me and my cousin Ebony. I put it in for two reasons. First, I look awesome in a tux and the world should see that, and second, she demanded we have a photo together “…before you get famous”. So here it is Eb!

Aside from groomsmen duties, I did manage to get in my first track workout of the 2012 campaign. 16x400m with old foe Nathan Morey was a good way to jump back in. I also got to run a few of my favourite runs while I was home. I had a comment from “gus” asking what my favourite run in Tasmania is. Hands down it is the Pipeline track…

This track stretches from Fern Tree, about 15 minutes drive from the centre of Hobart, and runs south, parallel along the slopes of Mt Wellington. It’s super nice footing, and really attractive forests, and yes, you will see wildlife! It does get cold in the winter though given that it’s halfway up the Mountain. Typically, Tasmanian runners save this one for Sunday long runs, but I try to run it as much as possible when I’m home.

My final news tid-bit is that my fantasy football team is awesome. People mocked me when I drafted a team comprised primarily of Detroit Lions and Buffalo Bills. Now who’s laughing! Admittedly it was on the advice of the ESPN experts but still. Next stop for me, head coaching job of the Minnesota Vikings.

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