Inspiration from Lauren Fleshman

I spend a lot of time trolling through the running blog-o-sphere. Half the reason I wanted to have my own blog was because of how much I enjoyed reading others. I came across this one by Lauren Fleshman today and it is awesome –> Click Here

I really love the ending… “There is a Herculean price to pay for making yourself vulnerable to a dream.”

That vulnerability creates fear in me. Fear of failure, of getting hurt, of getting sick, of being slower than I was last week, last month, last year. Everyday I feel vulnerable, fearful almost, and I think that many runners feel this way too. How many of you have felt that sinking feeling of dread as you notice a scratch in the back of your throat, or a pain in your foot? Dealing with that vulnerability is part of the sport, but to be successful and reach our goals we have to get out there and do it anyway…

…and if we can make that herculean effort, when race day comes, we get the privilege of walking to the line and being our best.

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One thought on “Inspiration from Lauren Fleshman

  1. don’t get discouraged by the latest races. Race and try to figure out whats wrong. Fitness and talent do not go away. Sorry to be in your business but I have been in the same situation many times. Leave the pressure home and have fun with it , it will come. You have a 1.45 and a 3.35 in you!!!

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